Your one-stop-shop for all your studio equipment. You can now have the best Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of your choice using our premium quality products. From cameras, speakers, Headphones, soundproof isolation covers/pads, green screens, lights, Studio Rack Mounts, MIDI Controllers, Studio Chairs, Control Surface, Headphone Amps, Studio Monitors, Sound Treatment, Studio Monitors, Mixing desk, pop filters/ shock mounts, Audio Interface, Audio Cables, Power Conditioners, Monitor Management, Acoustic Panels, Electronic Drum Kits, Master clocks, Stands, Signal Flow, Microphone Preamps, Snake Cables, Bass Traps, DAW Software, Rackmount Amps, External or Backup Hard Drive, Power Distributors, Microphone Cables, Monitor Placement, Direct Boxes, Reflection Filters, Microphone Stands, Sequencers, Power Conditioners, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Instruments, Studio Racks, and so much more.

Studio Equipments

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